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We began the journey of Pure Country Kennels LLC in 2019 to provide an incredible experience for animals and owners. From small beginnings, we’ve added a whole range of services, making us the premier Dog Kennel in rural Ohio. While we’re committed to learning and growing with our loyal customers, our commitment to the safety and security of your pet guides everything we do.

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When considering to become an owner of a Portuguese Water Dog you should be aware of a variety of traits to understand if this is the correct breed for you. Generally, Porties make great family pets due to having a lovable nature, being loyal, and playful. With that being said, they may not be the right choice for every family. The Porties temperament is friendly, sociable, and devoted. They love to be with people, enjoy playtime, and are extremely intelligent. The exact temperament will depend on the dog. These can vary from strong to laid back and most will be in between.

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